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Use of Biogas in Production of Energy

Use of Biogas in Production of Energy

All the developments that have been taking place near us have made the biggest of things possible. Those tasks that were not even imaginable before are now completed in a jiffy. We have to thank technology for that. We don‘t have to worry about anything. There are machines to do our work. Machines have simplified our lives and have made us more competent. These are the main reasons we have such an influence of machines in our life. If we talk about production of energy, then machines have a large role to play too. These are big bulky machines and there are several different sources so that energy is produced. In the production of energy too, a lot of modifications have been made. Earlier, only resources such as coal, petroleum were used to produce energy. They are efficient but can cause lot of environmental damage. In due time, use of water, wind etc became prominent as they don‘t harm the environment. Same is the case of biogas.

Biogas is a combination of different types of gases produced with the help of organic matter. This process is carried out without the help of oxygen. Kitchen waste such as remains of vegetables and leftover food can be taken as an ideal example for production of energy. This type of gas is most suitable in rural areas and its use is primarily in as a cooking fuel in kitchen. Not only it is less polluting, but it can be considered as renewable source of energy as it is present in abundance in nature.

In terms of gases, Biogas is the mixture of methane and carbon dioxide. In fact, biogas can also be used in the same way CNG is used. The process of biogas production consists of two different processes. One of them is mesophilic digestion and the other is thermophilic digestion. The only danger of using biogas is because of presence of hydrogen sulfide.

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