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Electricity Production with the Help of Diesel

Electricity Production with the Help of Diesel

With the help of new developments, we are able to do various things that were not possible earlier. All of this has to do with technology. We are growing with the help of this technology. It has not only helped us in performing many unimaginable tasks but has also saved a lot of time. If we look at different sectors of life, we will see the impact of machines. For example – television, fridge, air conditioner, computer, microwave, fan etc. And if we closely notice all of the examples, we will see that to start all these machines, there is need of electricity. Electricity has made our life very convenient. We cannot possibly imagine our lives without the help of electricity. Now, there are different ways to generate electricity. It all depends on the different energy source that we use. One of the common sources in that regard is Diesel.

In a diesel based power plant, diesel is used as the prime energy source for generation of electricity. Diesel is easily available in the market which makes this plant easy to operate. A diesel based power plant is primarily divided into two parts – two stroke engine and four stroke engine. The air that is admitted gets compressed. If we look at the compression ratio, then it is 12 to 20. After the compression is done, fuel is injected. This type of engine is directly coupled to the generator. Some of the components of a diesel based power plant are – air compressor, starting air tank, storage tank, fuel injection pump, air filters, day tank, exhaust system, silencer, water jacket, piston, combustion chamber, heat exchanger, lubrication oil tank, oil pump, cooler, cooling water etc.

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The main reason why diesel power plant is preferred is because it comes with a lot of advantages. The layout as well as the design is very simple. The plant is very compact and small. The cost involved with a diesel plant is also very low. When compared with steam power plant, thermal efficiency of a diesel power plant is higher. At NS Thermal Energy, you will get robust and efficient diesel power plant.

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