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Bulky and Robust Manufacturing Parts Dealer

Bulky and Robust Manufacturing Parts Dealer

A manufacturing unit is made up of big machines which are primarily used to run the whole show. They are majorly required to do all the functions which are not possible for human beings to complete. This not saves time but the productivity also increases. The main concern while buying these machines should be of quality because this will help in longevity. You should be careful to select the place from where they will be bought. This is where you can trust N S Energy Groups. They are the leading sellers of different machine parts and are also impart their expert advice in negotiation matters. The details of their services are explained below – 

1. N S Thermal Energy

N S Thermal Energy is one of the leading companies in electricity sector and also deals in Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services to public as well as private sector. We provide solution to your needs of all type of power plants. Some of the examples are – biomass power plant, kitchen waste based power generation project, waste heat recovery based power plants on EPC basis, solar power for agriculture, gas turbine operation and maintenance etc. All the above mentioned power plants use a renewable source of energy as the primary fuel which is also helpful for the environment. They are found in abundance in nature and do not cause pollution. 

2. N S Terbo Private Limited

N S Terbo Private Limited is the first name which comes to the mind when someone mentions turbines. They have not only suggested but implemented the process of cost effective steam turbines. The main motive of a steam turbine is to extract thermal energy from pressurized steam which is then used to generate mechanical work. We design turbines of capacity up to 15 MW such as extracting condensing turbine, multi stage steam turbine, single stage steam turbine, modern steam turbine, multi stage back pressure steam turbine, used steam turbine etc.

3. Monotech Engineers 

What make Monotech Engineers stand apart from the competition is the fact that we are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. This is a huge achievement in itself. With experience over 25 years in this field, we are one of the prime manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of cranes and metal finishing machines. Over the years, we have learnt a lot and still consider ourselves in learning stage so that no information is left out. The manufacturing parts that we supply are of high quality which increases the efficiency of the unit. We supply different parts such as JIB cranes, goliath cranes, EOT cranes, industrial presses, plate bending machine etc.

4. Mithila Dyeing & Chemicals 

Mithila Dyeing is a renowned and known name in the field of dyes, intermediates and power plant chemicals. Our modern manufacturing facilities and ERP driven enterprises makes us a recognizable face in this industry. We have our own manufacturing of solar support and of any shape which is up to 6 meters in length. Our timely and affordable services are always appreciated by the client.

5. Neeraj Gupta and Sons

Neeraj Gupta And Sons are national as well as international arbitration advisors who are the most preferred firm in resolving business disputes in a legal manner. They act as your representatives and take care of all the formalities right from issue of the notice to preparation of pleadings and schedules. We are the perfect advisors when there is need of acquiring and taking over a new business. 

N S Energy Group is the answer for any manufacturing parts related issues. We understand that time is an important factor and our services are imparted in such as manner that your cost as well as time is saved.

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