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Get Every Single Type of Robust Cranes

Get Every Single Type of Robust Cranes

Whenever we mention any manufacturing unit, the first thing that comes to the mind is machines. A visit to that manufacturing unit will let you be clearer about that. There is huge space present everywhere and the majority of the work is done with the help of machines only. This is because there are lots of heavy moving parts which require the help of machines to lift and transfer from one place to another. The first name that comes to your mind when you need to life heavy objects is that of Crane. Monotech Engineers Pvt. Ltd. are one of the largest manufacturers of cranes in India.

A crane is a device which is used to lift and transport heavy objects. It is used to relocate those objects which are of high weight. This type of work is virtually impossible for human beings to do therefore it is done with the help of cranes. A crane has various different types and all of this has to do with the structure of the unit. A crane will always have use in the manufacturing industry. Some of the commonly used cranes are –

1. Gantry Crane – a type of crane which built on top of a gantry is known as gantry crane. It is built on top of an overpass like structure where the object can be mounted properly. The work of moving the parts from one place to another is done with the help of wheels. There are wheels present to ease of the moving process. A Gantry crane is the most preferred carne in case of heavy objects. They have use in marine engineering where there is on and off loading of containers from the ship. They are very efficient and reliable. The burden bearing limit of a gantry crane is very high. They do not have any maintenance issue too.

2. Semi-Goliath Crane – it is clear from the name that they are similar to the gantry crane but they have wheels only on side of the crane. One side is mounted on the floor whereas the other side is raised. They are used in storage places, cement pipe industry, steel yards etc. Semi-goliath are mostly suited where there is transposing from one place to another. The main advantage using semi goliath crane is that they resistant to corrosion which means that they are highly durable.

3. JIB Crane – in a JIB crane, there are two parts. One is the horizontal part which is fixed whereas other part moves in some direction. The part which moves is either fixed to a wall or to a floor mounted pillar. A JIB Crane is mostly used in industries or industrial vehicles. With the help of additional lateral movement, the movement is such that an arc is formed. Like other cranes, they have low maintenance and their built is sturdy. They are preferred because they have high loading capacity which ranges from 1 -120 ton.

N S Energy Groups are the most preferred manufacturers and suppliers of all the types of different cranes. With help of our experienced and highly efficient engineers, cranes made by us are of superior quality and high durability.

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