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Power Plants of Superior Quality and Robust Design

Power Plants of Superior Quality and Robust Design

If we necessarily talk about any energy industry, then we know that they are always a large scale industry. This is because they deal with big machines that perform the majority of work and even the small work revolves around them. Now, when a machine plays such an important part, then we have to make sure that the machine is not only reliable but performs the given work in required time. This point also holds true for a power plant. In a power plant, work is done by machines based on the primary source of fuel. This primary source of fuel helps in conversion of electric power.

There are different types of power plant and one of the most commonly used is diesel based power plant. A diesel based power plant uses diesel as the primary fuel source in the development of electric power. Although, diesel is a non renewable source of energy and causes pollution, but there are many advantages of using a diesel based power plant -

1.             A diesel based power plant starts and stops very easily which is why there is no standby loss in them.

2.             There are no problems of cooling and requires very less amount of water in cooling.

3.             When compared with coal, thermal efficiency of diesel is higher.

4.             The design of diesel power plant is very simple.

5.             They require small place and hence it can also be used in a small industry.

6.             Initial cost is also quite low for these machines.

The process of generation of electricity in a diesel power plant is also simple. The diesel is burnt inside the engine which helps in turning the engine shaft and in turn drives the alternator. This is the main procedure in converting mechanical energy into electrical one. If you look at the starting procedure, then compressed air is used.

Earlier, there were mostly use of non renewable energy sources in production of electrical power but times have changed. Now, we have technology to use renewable sources such as water, wind etc for the production are helpful as they are found in abundance in nature which means that there is no worry of finishing them. One more area where they are helpful is environment. As they are completely pollution free, we are not letting our environment get affected by it.

Biomass is one of those renewable sources of energy where it is the main source in production of electricity. It is the type of energy that is obtained by burning of organic matter such as waste plants, leftover food etc. In a biomass power plant, energy is created with the help of a boiler in which biomass is burnt. There are various types of boilers that are used but two of the most common are hot water boilers and steam boilers. When biomass is burnt, heat is released in the form of biomass.

At N. S. Thermal Energy, you will get comprehensive range of diesel as well as biomass power plant. We don’t compromise on quality and hence are the leading manufacturers.

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