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Efficient Use of Energy with the Help of Power Plants and Turbines

Efficient Use of Energy with the Help of Power Plants and Turbines

Since technology has made inroads in our life, there are various sectors which have been helped with it. Not only our time has been saved but it has resulted in lessening of effort which has helped in avoiding headaches. And when we talk about big industries then there are visible changes present. Work that was done with the help of large number of workers is now completed with the help of a single machine. The time which it saves is commendable too. This has increased the productivity of the unit and helped everyone out there. You can call it a win-win situation. Everyone has gained from this. Now when it comes to an energy plant, all of the above mentioned things are even more important.

In a power station, work is done with the help of renewable as well as non-renewable sources. If we look at earlier time, then the use of non-renewable sources such as fossil fuels, coal, oil etc. was very frequent. In fact, almost every other power station used to perform with these sources only. But as the time has progressed, we have found different ways to produce energy. Use of renewable sources such as wind, water, heat etc. is helpful as they are found in abundance in nature which means that there is no worry of finishing them. One more area where they are helpful is environment. As they are completely pollution free, we are not letting our environment get affected by it. One of the most popular energy in this sense is heat energy. This heat energy is used in the form of thermal energy and the place where this whole process takes place is called as thermal power plant.

A thermal power station is a place where power is created with the help of heat energy. Heat energy is the main source in generation of electric power. There are various different reasons to use thermal power plants. Some of them include use in industrial purposes, removal of salt from water, use of heat in houses or workplace etc. The design and work of a thermal power station varies from each other and is dependent on the heat source. If we are to categorize thermal power plant in different design, then they can be classified as follows –

1.            Biomass Power Plant – biomass is the form of energy that is obtained from burning plants, animal waste, wood etc. use of biomass is encouraged because it is a renewable source of energy. It can be used directly in the form of combustion and also can be used indirectly after converting it into bio-fuel. Energy is created with the help of a boiler in which biomass is burnt. There are various types of boilers that are used but two of the most common are hot water boilers and steam boilers. When biomass is burnt, heat is released in the form of biomass.

2.            Biogas Generation Power Plant – biogas is produced with the help of burning of organic matter such as agriculture waste, manure, green waste, food waste, plant material, municipal waste etc. Biogas is considered as highly efficient because it uses the help of discarded waste products which are of no use to anyone. To simplify, biogas is nothing but a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide. Small traces of moisture, hydrogen sulfide etc may be also found. Biogas that is produced can also be compressed. One more interesting feature of a biogas power plant is that no net carbon dioxide is produced which is why it is considered as a renewable source.

3.            Gas Turbine - a gas turbine works similarly as a steam power plant but it uses air instead of water. It is a type of internal combustion engine. Gas turbines have use in big and heavy machinery such as to power aircrafts, ships, trains, electric generators, pumps etc. A gas turbine is preferred because it comes with many advantages. As it has fewer moving parts, its maintenance cost is low. It has high reliability where sustained high power output is required. The functioning of a gas turbine is smooth because there is less vibration.


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