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Cutting of Metals has Never Been This Easy

Cutting of Metals has Never Been This Easy

The main reason why we have manufacturing units is so that all the complex processes can get completed in a simple manner. Various different jobs that are not possible with the help of humans are the main reason why we have machines amongst us. Along with the reduced workload, overall efficiency of the workplace is increased. Now when we talk about any industry where there are heavy machines involved, the above mentioned thing becomes even more important. Most of the major work is done by them and the same can also be said for a shearing machines. The process of shaping of a sheet metal is done by shearing machines. If we are to define shearing in a simple manner, then it is a cutting process in which sheet metal is cut into two or more pieces. This is done by applying great external force which eventually causes them to fail. Generally, sheet metals are used for shearing but in some of the cases, rods are also used.

While the process of shearing takes place, there are methods such as bending, shearing, rolling and spinning. Some of the actions that take place depend on the size of the shearing machine. Smaller machines cut the sheet machine in different angles and larger machines use straight action without the formation of any angle. There are two blades present in this process. One is fixed at an angle in a shear bed and the other one move vertically with zero or no clearance. There is requirement of operating press load to cut any specific part and that is known as operating force.

You will get different types of effective shearing machines at Monotech Engineers. Some of the types are mentioned below –

1.             Mechanical Over Crank Shearing Machine  – they have the tendency to work at any conditions and are corrosion resistant.

2.             Mechanical Under Crank Shearing Machine – they are highly efficient and with less power consumption.

3.            NC PLC CNC Hydraulic Shearing Machine  – there is use of electronic panel and comes with inbuilt hydraulic power pack.

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