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The Giants in Steam Turbine Manufacturing and Erection Commissioning Service For Power Plant

The Giants in Steam Turbine Manufacturing and Erection Commissioning Service For Power Plant

The steam turbines are one of the oldest prime mover technologies which are still in use. These turbines extract heat from steam and transform it into mechanical work by expanding the steam from high pressure to low pressure. Because of the high pressure, the steam flows through the turbine and turns the turbine shaft. This shaft is connected to an electric generator for producing electricity.

Most of our condensing turbine operates with an exhaust pressure less than atmospheric pressure. Most of this condenser can be either air or water cooled and can be utilized for process or space heating loads.

In case of a straight condensing type steam turbine, the heat energy is completely converted into kinetic energy. Moreover this mechanical energy is utilized to generate power. We are one of the leading Straight Condensing Steam Turbine Manufacturers In India and our entire turbines find its application in different industries where heat solutions are insignificant for e.g. captive power plant/ IPP.

These condensing turbines are also of different types like the injection condensing turbine. The condensing steam turbine is a steam turbine whose operation ends with the condensation of the steam. This condensing steam provides high power output i.e upto 1200 MW which could be produced by a single unit.

These Turbines are normally Condensing Turbines with provision for the low pressure steam injection and steam extraction for NOx Control in Gas Turbine. We also have steam Turbines with provision for controlled extraction as required for Co-generation- cum-Combined Cycle applications.

In case a facility is utilizing a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) to reduce steam pressure, a backpressure steam turbine can be substituted in using “free fuel” (steam) to reduce the steam pressure and generate electricity simultaneously. These powerful condensing turbines have several stages and have a complete system for regenerating heating of feed water. We are a leading Back Pressure Steam Turbine Manufacturers which has two main applications, firstly for drive application which is used in sugar mills, shredder drive, pump drive and so on. These back pressure steam turbine is used as a reducing station between the boiler unit and the process steam header.

We are an Extraction Condensing Steam Turbine Manufacturer  which has constructional characteristics very similar to condensing turbines. These turbines are used when constant pressure steam flow has to be extracted for process purpose. Most of these turbines are typically used for co-generation where the turbine meets both the power and steam demand of the process plant. The power generated can be maintained more or less at a steady level despite variation in process steam demands. In many cases it may be necessary to have both bleed and controlled extraction steams from the condensing turbine. These turbines are of bleed cum extraction condensing type.

Erection Commissioning Service For Power Plant is a systematic and sequential process, which requires expertise and experience in this field. NS energy group has a variety of power generation systems which not only provides control Systems, Mechanical Design and Electrical Engineering but also provides Power Plant Erection, and Commissioning services to each of their clients.

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