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Alter the Shape of the Work Piece with Press Machines

Alter the Shape of the Work Piece with Press Machines

Any industry requires the help of machines to thrive. Without machines, it is not possible for any manufacturing unit to be successful. All the major and minor work is performed by machines only. It is not possible for humans to do this work. They have not only saved a lot of time but also have increased the productivity of the unit. All of the above mentioned facts are also true for the industry which deals with cranes and metal finishing machines. You should be careful in buying your stuff from a reliable name and this is where Monotech Engineers comes to your help. They sell variety of products and one of the most important is a Press Machine.

The main aim of a press machine is to change the shape of a work piece. Pressure plays an important part in the functioning of a press machine. Proper pressure is applied to the work piece which helps in changing its shape and size. How this pressure is applied depends upon the mechanism, function, structure and controllability. For example- pressure applied in hydraulic machine will be different than a mechanical one. Similarly, the process for making a knuckle joint press won’t be similar to a screw press.

There are two types of press machines which are available in the market. They are –

1. C Type Power Press Machines – a c type power press machine uses the gap frame which is also known as c frame and the straight side press. A straight side machine eliminates the angular deflection as it has vertical columns on either side of the machine. It is used for its productivity and high quality. Clients prefer this type of machine as it has perfect finish.

2. H Type Power Press Machines – h type power press machines are used as the end result is highly precise. It has a crankshaft which is made of alloy steel which plays an important part in long service life.

Monotech Engineers are one of the leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of cranes and metal finishing machines.

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