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Generation of Electricity with Diesel : N. S. Energy Groups

Generation of Electricity with Diesel : N. S. Energy Groups

Electricity is something without the help of which we cannot live in a normal manner. This is because electricity is needed in every sector. If you‘re reading this, chances are, you need the help of electricity only. Lighting our homes, charging our electronic devices etc. are some of the things that are done with electricity. The advancement in the form of technology is the main reason behind this and it is commendable. Electricity goes a way back and the means of production have evolved due time. Now, if we see around us, there are various energy sources such as coal, petroleum, water, wind etc. which are needed to generate electricity. They are classified as renewable or non-renewable sources of energy. One of the most commonly used in this sense is diesel based power plant.

If we see the normal functioning in the production of electricity, then the rotor of the alternator is rotated with the help of a prime mover. This prime mover generally alternates as the main energy source. A diesel based power plant, as the name suggests, uses diesel as the main energy source. It is one of the most popular methods of generating electricity. This type of power station is known as diesel power station.

A diesel power station is most ideal for a small scale industry. There are many advantages for using diesel power plant. Some of the main advantages are given below –

1.             The design of a diesel power plant is very simple.

2.             It requires small amount of space.

3.             The starting of this generator is quick and can be started within a few seconds. Stopping of the power plant is even quicker.

4.             There is no standby loss in the system.

5.             As it requires less amount of water, cooling is easy.

6.             If we compare diesel power plant to that of coal, then its efficiency is quite higher.


Diesel Power Plant consists of a fuel supply system, air intake system, exhaust system, cooling system, lubricating system, engine starting system etc. At N. S. Thermal Energy, you will get comprehensive array of diesel power plant.

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