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Cutting of Sheet Metals with Shearing Machine

Cutting of Sheet Metals with Shearing Machine

 In a manufacturing industry, all of the jobs are done with the help of machines. Of course, there are human beings that operate the machines but the main job of doing the work is completed with the help of machines only. They are big and bulky and have the potential of completing the work. This overall helps in increasing the efficiency of the unit as not only time is saved but productivity also benefits. If we talk about the unit where there is need of sheet metal, then also the above mentioned things are true. There are different types of shearing machines to do different work. A shearing machine should be selected carefully and should be bought from a trusted place only and in this regard, there is nothing better than Monotech Engineers.

A shearing machine plays an important role in any manufacturing industry. The main aim of a shearing machine is to perform the role of shearing. A shearing machine has blades or rotary disks which are used for cutting sheets, plates or bars in a manufacturing unit. This process is usually carried out to cut sheet metal. Sheet metals are the most commonly used materials that are sheared however rods can also be sheared. They are used highly in OEM applications.

In other words, shearing is the process which is used to cut stock without the formation of chips or use of use of processes such as burning or melting. Cutting blades also play an important role in a shearing process. If the blades are straight, then the process is called as shearing whereas if cutting blades are curved, the process is known as shearing-type operations. There are different types of shearing machines that are available in the market. Some of them are mentioned below –

1. Mechanical Over Crank Shearing Machine – their performance is excellent and are resistant to corrosion.

2. Mechanical Under Crank Shearing Machine – they consume less power and are highly efficient.

3.   NC PLC CNC Hydraulic Shearing Machine – they have inbuilt hydraulic power pack and use of electronic panel PLC.

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