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Use of Turbine to Generate Electricity

Use of Turbine to Generate Electricity

There are different advancements that are made in the field of technology. Technology has made our life easier and more convenient. The tasks that were considered impossible are now possible. There is possibility of creating anything. One field which has been helped tremendously is manufacturing field. You can take example of any unit and you will see that maximum work is done with the help of machines only. This has not only saved time but also the human effort has been reduced. Overall, this has led to increase in the productivity of the company. All of the above mentioned things are also true for a steam turbine. With the help of a steam turbine, we have the option of creating electricity in a large scale. With the help of steam turbine, thermal energy is extracted from pressurized steam and used in doing mechanical work. To do the work, there are different types of steam turbines. One of them in this regard is a single stage steam turbine.

A single stage steam turbine is a turbine in which water flows on through a single stage blade. It has only one set of stationary blades or nozzles and one set of rotating blades. There are different reasons for using a single stage steam turbine. Some of the advantages of using it are –

1. High efficiency blading.

2. There is presence of keyed and shrunk wheel on shaft.

3. High capacity thrust bearing for positive rotor location.

4. It has internal oil reservoir.

5. The case oil seals are stationary, replaceable and non-sparking.

6. It has presence of oil rings and trip lever.

7. The carbon-ring packing is angled and unique.

8. Industrial type Babbitt lined journal bearings.

9. Governor valve stem.

This type of turbine has use in refining, petrochemical, food processing, steel and other industries for lube oil pumps, process pumps, feed water pumps, fans, compressors and generators.

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