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EPC Power Plant N. S. Energy Group

EPC Power Plant N. S. Energy Group

One stop shop for construction and procurement of power station

Apart from some basic needs like food, clothes and house, there are some things too that has made an impact in our life. Technology plays an important part and slowly and steadily we are using it in every circle of life. Work that was done with the help of skilled labor earlier is now quickly completed by machines. All that paper work has now been reduced to computer work. It has become almost impossible to alienate ourselves from technology. We are so much dependent on it that we do not even know if we can lead a normal life without it.

Electricity too has somewhat that kind of impact in our life. All the work done in the offices is possible with the help of computers and these computers function only with the help of electricity. Right from a small agency to a big corporate firm, there is no life without electricity. Even in our household, all the recreational mediums are dependent on electricity. Be it summers or winters, air conditioners or heaters, each and everything is related to electricity. Where does this electricity come from?

Electricity is produced in a power plant and these power plants and the main part in a power plant is a generator. A generator is a huge machine which converts mechanical power into electrical power. The numbers of a generator depends upon the requirement and use in a power plant. Fossils fuels, coal, petroleum, oil, biogas, water, wind and even nuclear power are used as the energy source in the production of electricity. This advancement is such a boon for us. Imagine, using biogas and converting it into something that operates your computer system. A complex process makes all of this very easy. For a power plant to be complete there are various components such as – fuel, boiler, furnace, turbine, cooling tower etc.

Depending upon the use of the energy source, a power plant is classified into various types –

Thermal Power Plant – these type of power plants produces electricity with the help of fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum etc.

Nuclear Power Plant – in these power plants, electricity is produced with the help of radioactive elements like uranium, thorium etc.

Hydro-electric Power Plant – Electricity is generated with the help of water.

Wind Power Plant – wind is used as the primary source of energy in this kind of power plant.

Solar Energy Power Plant - direct sun rays of the sun is used in solar energy power plant.

Biomass – waste of food and vegetable products are taken into use for the production of biomass.

The use of energy sources like wind, water and biomass means that two objectives are taken care of. Not only our motive of creating electricity is fulfilled, but also we are helping the environment by using renewable products which are in abundance. They do not cause pollution and hence global warming is kept in check.

There are several points that should be kept in mind while manufacturing a power plant. Some of them are as follows –

The design and engineering should be perfect.

If these plants need to be shifted, then it can be done with ease.

They should be efficient.

Cost effectiveness is also an important point.

N. S. Energy Group will provide you a complete solution in the engineering, procurement and construction services for the support of new plants.

The quality of their products is top notch and the installation process is easy. The services that we provide are unmatched in the market with proficient team members who has immense knowledge of all the products.

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