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Altering the Shape of the Workpiece According to the Requirement

Altering the Shape of the Workpiece According to the Requirement

Almost every industry uses machines to perform any given work. Be it small scale, medium scale or large scale, machines will be everywhere. In fact, the basic function of an industry is to generate work by using machines. These machines help us in increasing the efficiency and sharing the workload of human kind. Whatever work we want to do, getting the right kind of machine is the first step. There is nothing that cannot be performed by the machines. And this fact holds true for every industry. If we talk particularly about a pressing machine, then there are smaller parts which are necessary to do the required work. Industrial press is an important component in that matter.

In a press industry, there are different operations performed by different machines but the objective of these machines is to alter the shape of the work piece. The same can be said for an Industrial Press. An Industrial press is used in changing the shape by applying pressure. The workpiece that is used to bend is sheet metal. They are preferred as they have reliable functioning and due to their sturdy design, they are easy to operate. An industrial press can be differed due to various reasons. Classifying them according to their mechanism will give you three different types of presses – Hydraulic press and Pneumatic Press.

1.             Hydraulic Press – in a hydraulic press, force is generated with the help of a hydraulic cylinder. In this, hydraulic equivalent of a mechanical lever is used. There are two parts where one part is a piston which acts as a pump where less mechanical force is generated whereas other part is a piston where high amount of mechanical force is generated.

2.             Pneumatic Press – In a Pneumatic press, use of gas or air that is pressurized is taken. A compressor is present in the center which powers cylinders, air motors and other pneumatic devices. They are preferred over other presses because they are cost effective, flexible in use and highly safe alternative.

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