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Helping Your Unit with Robust Components

Helping Your Unit with Robust Components

A textile unit is an important part of any industry. These industries are of large scale and have various different requirements. One requirement in that term is of dyeing with the help of chemicals. There are different textile products such as fibers, yarns etc which require addition of colors. This process is made possible with the help of dyeing. This process requires a lot of time and there is need of a proper setup. This setup has different smaller components which make the whole process possible. Two of the critical parts in that regards are pre engineered rolled sections and purlins.

1.    Pre Engineered Rolled/Formed Sections

This term of pre engineered rolled section is usually used for products that are made with the help of process of rolling or pressing. This process of pressing steel into finished goods is done under low temperatures hence the name cold formed steel is also used. Any form of raw steel such as steel bar, billet or sheet can be pressed to form a usable product. The use of cold roll ranges from pre engineering building, roofing as well as in industries like tracking system. The main reason why they are preferred are because these roll forms achieves a better consistency and accuracy of profile and give a perfect strength in light weight of structural sections. Even the installation of cold rolled sections is fast and easy. They are recyclable and can also help in environmental causes.

2.      C /Z Purlins

A purlin plays an important role in any structural building. Its role is to provide support. There are different types of purlins that are available in the market. C purlins are horizontal structures and provide support particularly in roof deck. They are highly durable and of uniform quality. Z purlins are used in roofing solutions of industries. The transportation cost of Z purlins is also less as they are light in weight.

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