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Electricity Generation with the Help of Steam and Power Plants

Electricity Generation with the Help of Steam and Power Plants

Without any doubt, electricity has become a very important part of our daily lifestyle. We cannot imagine our life without the help of electricity. It won‘t be wrong to say that we have become dependable on these products. Our life is filled with numerous latest gadgets that require use of electricity. With our daily habits, it has become difficult to live off the grid. Now, when something is this important to you, you will need to have it available round the clock. In case of electricity, we have different sources for its production. In all of these sources, the end result is the production of electricity. Two of the most common ways of electricity generation is steam power plant and thermal power plant.

A thermal power plant uses the help of heat energy. In this process, heat energy is converted to electric power. There are different sources of energy that are used in the production of electricity. These sources are used according to the need. Some of the most commonly used energy sources are coal, petroleum etc. It may seem that all the processes may be same with only energy source being different, but that is not the case. The whole arrangement is different from each other. Initial construction cost of the setup is cheaper. As they are located in urban areas, connectivity is not an issue. If there is something that is needed for the location, you can buy it easily. It should be noted that minimum damage to environment is caused.

In the case of steam turbine, electric generator is driven by steam. Steam is created with the help of water that is heated and it spins the steam turbine. Major electricity production is done with the help of a steam turbine. The efficiency of a conventional steam turbine is between 33 – 48 percent. Fuel used in a steam turbine is quite cheap and the setup does not require much space.

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