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Energy Saving and Budget Friendly Provider of Turbines

Energy Saving and Budget Friendly Provider of Turbines

We have come a long way in production of electrical power. When compared to other developments, this can be called a fairly new technique. There were ways to do that earlier but constraints such as time and money used to come in between. But that is not the case anymore. Now we have various different techniques and different energy sources to produce electricity. There was a time when only non renewable sources such as coal and petroleum were used in production of electricity but now we have modern machines with the help of which we can use wind, water etc as the primary energy source. And the best part about them is, neither are they limited, nor do they pollute the environment.

If we take the earliest example, then it is water that was used as the source. Now the device that converts water into electrical energy is known as turbine. There are different types of turbine that are available and one of the most commonly used is steam turbine. A steam turbine is a machine which converts thermal to electrical energy. Thermal energy is that variant of energy which is present in the form of heat. It occurs in nature due to its temperature. This extraction takes place from pressurized steam and the work is done on a rotating output shaft. A steam turbine consists of various components such as boiler, turbine, condenser, feed pump etc. The process of compression, heating and expansion is done simultaneously which is the most important feature of a steam turbine. There are different types of steam turbines that are available in the market –

1.             Mill Drive Steam Turbine – these are used for tighter control of speed. For steam turbines driving mechanical load, this is the perfect option. Cost is low and is compact. It comprises input for 4-20 ma remote speed control signal.

2.             Curtis Turbine – a Curtis turbine is a type of compound impulse turbine where compounding is done for pressure and velocity. As the design of Curtis turbine is simple and failure safe, their maintenance is not a problem.

3.             For different areas, there are different types of steam turbines such as steam turbines for sugar mills, rice mills, steel mills etc.

Now for steam turbines, spare parts are also included for gear boxes, gear wheels etc. Turbine spare parts are used in extracting energy from high pressure and high temperature gas which is produced with the help of combustor. They should have long operational life and help in increasing the efficiency of the steam turbine. Another spare part is turbine blade. Turbine blades are very important as they are responsible for extracting energy and a good turbine blade should be carefully selected as they are prone to fatigue and are the main reason of failure in a steam turbine. Then there is turbine rotor which is known as the heart of a turbine. Various different types of multiple blades are connected to the hub.


N. S. Energy Groups (N. S. Terbo) is the number one manufacturer and exporter of steam turbine and its spare parts because of their reliability and high quality parts.

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