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 Providing Strength & Low Maintenance Diesel Based Power Plant

Providing Strength & Low Maintenance Diesel Based Power Plant

We are Diesel Based Power Plant Exporters & Suppliers From India and all our power plants possess Maximum efficiency, Long lifespan with minimum maintenance, Low maintenance costs, and Competitive fuel consumption. Diesel power plants are having a small range may be of 2 to 50 MW capacity.  Most of these are used as a central station for small or medium power supplies.

We are one of the best Diesel Based Power Plant Suppliers from India and our diesel power plants are quite suitable for mobile power generation and are widely used in transportation systems such as automobiles, railways, air planes and ships. In today’s era power cut has become a regular feature for industries and the e only solution to tide over this difficulty is to install diesel generating sets. The Diesel Based Power Plant is used as stand-by plants to hydro-electric power plants and steam power plants for emergency services. They can be used as peak load plants in combinations with thermal or hydro-plants.

Most of the diesel engine power plant uses the fuel mixture and air which is used as a working medium. During the time of the suction stroke, atmospheric air enters the combustion chamber. With the help of the injection pump fuel is injected into the chamber. Inside the engine, the air and the fuel are mixed and the charge must be ignited because of the compression present inside the cylinder. The main principle observed in the diesel engine is the thermal energy it must be converted into the mechanical energy and further, the mechanical energy must be converted into the electrical energy. The main purpose is to develop electricity with the help of the alternator or generator. There are different kinds of diesel engine power plants which include the 2-stroke low speed diesel engines and 4 stroke medium speed diesel engines. The 2 stroke low speed diesel engines are used for semi base and peak load power generation.

There has been a great change in the power supply industry due to the deregulation, increased environmental requirements, and technological development.  Because of these changes Independent power producer have paved the way in power generation assets and sell power through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) or through market-driven price mechanisms.


The most advantageous feature of a diesel plant is its simple layout. Therefore it can be quickly installed and commissioned, while the erection and starting of a steam power plant or hydro-plant takes a fairly long time. Moreover, the load operation is easy and requires minimum labors. The Efficiency at part loads does not fall so much as that of a steam plant and the fuel handling is easier and no problem of ash disposal exists.

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